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Coffee aficionados can debate for hours about the best way to make coffee but one thing most every cover lover can agree on is that on demand brewing systems that use  espresso and coffee pods have revolutionized the way coffee is made at home. Even if you are the sort of person who prefers to buy your coffee by the cup, made by a trained barista at a fancy café or coffee shop there are times when that simply isn’t an option. For those very early morning coffee cravings or late night espresso wishes, an on demand brewing system is the way to go.

On demand brewing systems take the guesswork out of making coffee because the machine manages all of the variables – the result is a consistently good cup of coffee each and every time and it takes less than one minute to make. I found it here:

 On demand brewers control the ratio of water to coffee which is crucially important to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee is ground to the precise specifications called for by the machine so the only thing you need to worry about is filling the coffee maker with good quality tap, filtered or bottled water.

To make coffee you use individual coffee pods which are pre-measured and sealed – Dolce Gusto® capsules are a good example; there are also t-discs, K-Cups® and other formats but all operate on the same basic principles. They contain the right amount of coffee and the right grind – two of the other elements which ensure a great result; the coffee is always fresh because the packets remain sealed until the moment of brewing and freshness is another essential factor in achieving a great cup of coffee.


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