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Callalily ‘dances’ to a new tune

Celebrating 10 years in the business, rock band Callalily is ready to offer a new sound to their followers and music fans – an upbeat, indie-sounding latest single “Now, I’m Dancing.” “As a band, we continue to experiment. We started … Continue reading

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Asia Tour of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Aims to Bring Audience To Their Feet—And Dance in the Aisles

Remembering “Saturday Night Fever”? A huge commercial success, “Saturday Night Fever” significantly popularized disco music around the world and made celebrities like John Travolta famous. The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack featuring disco songs by the Bee Gees became one of … Continue reading

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BP’s new breed takes center stage in International Dance Day Celebration on April 29

Taking part in the worldwide celebration of International Dance Day, Ballet Philippines presents the Young Dancers and Choreographers Showcase. The show shines the spotlight on the young artists of Ballet Philippines. Through glimpses of their beginning choreographies and more recent … Continue reading

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