New busport opens in Araneta Center to upgrade commuting experience of travelers

In its continuing commitment to provide only exceptional services to the public, the Araneta Center opens another top-of-the-line facility, the Araneta Center Busport (ACBP), to ease the traveling woes of commuters heading to and from Bicol Region, Visayas, Mindanao, and Southern Tagalog.
Launched on March 14 with no less than Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo as guest of honor, the new bus station comes with modern amenities like air-conditioned passenger lounge, a check-in baggage counter, and centralized automated ticketing system.
The Araneta Center BusPort is the first of its kind in the Quezon City that serves as a stopover for air-conditioned buses from 17 bus companies.
It is strategically situated across Ali Mall, where passengers can stop by for meals or do their last minute shopping for their traveling needs. Other upgraded features include commodious bus loading berths, electronic widescreen bus schedules, and a public address system. As with airports all over the world, boarding priority is given to the elderly, pregnant women, people with disability (PWD), and adults with children. It also has clean and spacious toilets and a nursing station, and a counter to check-in baggage in excess of 10 kilos.
The new busport also puts premium on travelers’ safety and security. It is equipped with CCTV systems and walk-thru detectors, and imposes strict no ticket-no entry policy for the Passenger Lounge.
The Araneta Center BusPort is launched just in time for Holy Week and even summer break when many are expected to head to the provinces to be with their families. This ultra-modern facility is located at the ground level of Manhattan Heights, Gen. Romulo Avenue, Araneta Center, Quezon City. 
For more information, please visit or call its ticketing office at 5884157.

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