World-class Filipino entertainers welcome international delegates at PHITEX 2016

tpb_world-class-filipino-entertainers-welcome-international-delegates_photo1Some of the Philippines’ multi-awarded entertainers wowed international delegates and guests at the recently concluded Philippine Travel Exchange (PHITEX) 2016 dinner reception held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. PHITEX is the country’s biggest and longest-running annual travel trade event presented by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB). The event treated more than 200 tourism buyers from across 35 countries to a series of incredible performances showcasing Filipino musical talent and prowess.


Headlining the impressive roster was the Junior New System, one of Asia’s Got Talent season 1 grand finalists and recently hailed as Senior Grand Performer of the World. Other performers were the Show Violinist Juleous who garnered 6 gold medals at this year’s World Championship of the Performing Arts, and the multi-awarded soloist Candice Adea together with her highly-acclaimed ballet dancer and choreographer sister, Carissa.


The vocal performances were also astounding. Baihana, a multi-awarded all-female jazz trio composed of Anna Graham, Krina Cayabyab and Mel Torre, sang with unique and refreshing harmony, while Raniella Guevarra, a young Filipina singer on the rise, rendered a heartfelt serenade.


The night would not be complete without a cultural show. A colorful display of lights was presented by the Buganda Dancers and Drumbeaters, a 36-year old festival dance company. Whiplash Dance Company, the country’s top contemporary dance group also dominated the stage with their energy. Finally, Sindaw Philippines Performing Arts Guild, the country’s best promoter of Philippine Arts and Culture, performed some of the country’s cultural folk dances.


Now on its 15th year, PHITEX 2016 continues to serve as the best venue to promote the Philippines to the international market. With the impressive array of performances, PHITEX was able to highlight the Philippines not only as a top tourist destination for sports, adventure, lifestyle, business and leisure but also as a premier destination for world-class entertainment.


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