Mother Teresa has been declared Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa has been declared Saint Teresa of Calcutta on September 4, 2016, the eve of her death anniversary by Pope Francis at Vatican City.

Mother Teresa has been declared a saint by Pope Francis on Sunday at a canonization ceremony held in Vatican City. The canonization on September 4 comes on the eve of her 19th death anniversary.


For much of her life, Mother Teresa was known as the “living saint,” she will now be known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.


After winning the Nobel peace prize in 1979 for her work with the poor in Calcutta, India, Mother Teresa built 600 orphanages and shelters around the world. Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997. On October 19, 2003, Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa of Calcutta.



A symbol of service and compassion, Mother Teresa showed the world the extraordinary power of love. Her life is “an epitome of grace, compassion and love”.


Mother Teresa dedicated her entire life to serving the poorest of the poor as well as the destitute and forsaken. She saw herself as ‘small pencil in the hands of the Lord’ and went about her work quietly, offering smiles and warm human gestures

Mother Teresa inspire many to give their ‘hearts to love and their hands to serve.’ Her saintly life will forever inspire humanity to commit to the cause of those who have no voice, no community, no home and no love.



“Let us imitate Mother Teresa who made works of mercy the guide of her life and the path towards holiness”

– Pope Francis


At the Vatican, a portrait of Mother Teresa is displayed on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica. Mother Teresa is shown in her signature blue-trimmed white sari. The portrait was commissioned by the Knights of Columbus and painted by American artist Chas Fagan,


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