Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman’s #BecomingFilipino journey : “Becoming Filipino, Your Travel Blog” airs on ANC



Kyle Jennerman has discovered and enjoyed the country and  claims to have fallen in love with the Philippines and the Filipinos.

Also known as “Kulas”, Kyle is a 28-year old Canadian who has visited 29 enchanting countries in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific, but was totally smitten by our country’s special charm, that he has decided to stay here for good.

Kyle is the number 1 on the list of “Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and the Filipinos” and one of the “Top 5 of the World’s Best Male Travel Bloggers” according to Huffington Post.

More excitingly, we finally get to meet Kulas or Kyle during the press conference last August 6. He shared to us his experiences with full of praises for the Philippines – the beauty of the nature, the beaches, the environment, the food, the culture and the friendly, happy and “smiley” Filipinos he meet in his adventure.

Why #BecomingFilipino?

Kyle is not a filipino by blood.  He’s a Canadian. At first, Kyle’s mission is to become a Filipino. How and Why?


“I love Canada. I grew up in Canada. I am so freaking proud of where I am from. I love the Philippines and would be honored to be able to call myself “part Filipino.”Experiencing and seeing the beauty of the Philippines and witnessed  its culture that has inspired so much happiness in my life! I think of the friendly people, culture and amazing adventure means ‘Happiness” “Kaligayahan” “Kalipay.”“I just want to share it and inspire the world to come and experience the Philippines,”Kyle said.



Many people follow his journeys and visual storytelling, via social media through #BecomingFilipino.


“I have never experienced before what I got to experience in the Philippines. I have never met such kind, giving, friendly, hard-working, outgoing, proud and happy people. I have never experienced a culture like the Philippines; a culture that every single day inspires me, and that I look up to. It is a place where the natural environment is unbelievably beautiful. The waterfalls, beaches, mountains, rivers…. I could go on and on about it. But what really inspires me about the Philippines is the PEOPLE. If you are Filipino and you are reading this. Thank You. Thank you for being Filipino. Thank you for being part of a culture where family isn’t the only family, but friends and even strangers are family. Where smiling is genuine, giving is natural and sharing is a part of everyday life. A culture that goes through a lot of really tough times and suffering, but still shares a great big SMILE.”

                                                                                                        – – – Kyle Jennermann

#BecomingFilipino is an adventure and passion. It is 100% from the heart, full of inspiration and passion with one goal: Inspiring people to visit, connect with and experience the wonders and beauty of the Philippines in a positive way.


Kulas genuinely believes that if people across the globe are introduced to this culture and country, it can have a positive effect on their lives and the world around us, as the beauty and culture here is incredibly unique and diverse.
Happy for knowing someone from other country, other culture and enjoying #BecomingFilipino! His focus has always been 100% THE PHILIPPINES and his indefatigable crusade – share all the goodness and positive vibes with the world around him.


This way ‪Philippines‬ will be promoted in a very ‪positive‬ and ‪wholesome‬ way. Philippines is proud of you. Mabuhay ka “Kulas’! Super Apir! 

Kyle now host a new travel show – “#BecomingFilipino: Your Travel Blog” airs on ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) on Sunday , 7:30 p.m, with replays every Saturdays at 4:30 p.m. It also airs worldwide on TFC (The Filipino Channel.)

“BecomingFilipino: Your Travel Blog,” his new media platform, Kulas will continue to be his real self – contagiously, happy, well-meaning and positive in featuring the stunning landscapes and endearing Filipino culture that many of us take for granted. It will showcase not just our national treasures but the compelling stories of the people he meets – their sentiments and aspirations, as well as their unique values and traditions that are adorably Filipino.


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