City of Dreams Manila strengthens its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through employee volunteerism

22.DreamPlay treat for Bahay Aruga
Bahay Aruga orphans recently spent a memorable and a fun learning experience at DreamPlay’s 1stanniversary celebration.

1 Bahay Aruga.COD Manila
City of Dreams Manila intensifies its corporate social and environmental responsibility program to mobilize its more than 5,000 employees for a continued and sustainable local community engagement and skills-based volunteerism, and make a positive impact through care of underprivileged children, blood donation and conservation drive.
City of Dreams Manila Property President Geoff Andres together with other volunteers participated in the CSR campaign “Spoonful of Dreams” with a visit to Paranaque city government’s Bahay Aruga orphanage.

2 Bahay Aruga.COD Manila

COD Manila Property President Geoff Andres provided care for orphans at Bahay Aruga


“At City of Dreams Manila, our management team and employees are the heart and soul of the integrated resort. One of our guiding principles is the spirit of volunteerism and we work together to engage in meaningful activities that create a positive and sustainable impact to the community and the environment. We are committed to share our time, talents and skills to make a difference and inspire the next generation with hope and a better future,” stated City of Dreams Manila Property President Geoff Andres.

Every month, a group of employees from various departments take turns in hosting the resort’s “Spoonful of Dreams”, a weekend activity focused on Parañaque City’s Bahay Aruga, an orphanage which the integrated resort employees have adopted.

Over 1,000 employees have actively participated in the monthly undertaking since a year ago when City of Dreams Manila started its operations. With the spirit of volunteerism set into high gear, COD Manila leveraged on the resort employees’ natural capacity for service and creativity, as they dedicate themselves beyond expectations to provide care, camaraderie, nourishment and engaging experiences for the children at Bahay Aruga.

8 Bahay Aruga.COD Manila


With various departments jointly co-hosting the activity, some 20 to 50 volunteers per visit spend a meaningful time with the children. Pooling their own resources and talents together, the departments come up with creative activities to entertain the orphans, such as storytelling activities, a performing magician, and a range of games and contests to win prizes.


City of Dreams Manila employee volunteers performed dance numbers to liven up the “Spoonful of Dreams” program for children of Bahay Aruga


One memorable “Spoonful of Dreams” activity was hosted by the DreamPlay team, who feted the children to a fun-filled Dreamworks characters themed-party complete with games and refreshments.


10 Bahay Aruga.COD Manila

12 Bahay Aruga.COD Manila
At the launch of DreamPlay’s first year anniversary celebration, the Bahay Aruga orphans were invited to experience the interactive play space’s thrilling attractions, such as the 4D theatrical special “Megamind: The Button of Doom” in the Dream Theater, a brand new lesson at the interactive Kung Fu Fighting dojo, Penguins of Madagascar create-your-own-movie module at the Dream Studio, “Whatever Floats Your Boat” competition with the Penguins of Madagascar and gingerbread cookie preparation in “Cooking with Gingy” together with Shrek and Donkey.

13 Bahay Aruga.COD Manila

16 Bahay Aruga.COD Manila

Throughout the past months, Paranaque public school children, street children from Virlanie Foundation and other underprivileged children were also among those whom City of Dreams has hosted at DreamPlay.

24 DreamPlay treat for Bahay Aruga


28 DreamPlay treat for Bahay Aruga29 DreamPlay treat for Bahay Aruga32 DreamPlay trear for Bahay Aruga

In light of the sustainable drive to enhance the lives of Bahay Aruga orphans, COD Manila is looking to improve their housing conditions. COD Manila team volunteers are slated to undertake house repair, wall and gate repainting, general cleaning and sanitation, and set up basic furniture and home items provision of the orphanage. COD Manila will also help ensure the health of the orphans through medical assistance and promote education with the building of a small library.

33 DreamPlay treat for Bahay Aruga

City of Dreams Manila’s employees also previously reached out to over 400 students of Paranaque Elementary School Central and San Dionisio Elementary School for a series of art workshops and storytelling activities, to encourage children to read. Hospicio de San Jose is another institution that they have hosted and periodically visited.
The Bahay Aruga children also created their own “Penguins of Madagascar” movie at the Dream Studio.

For the community at large, COD Manila continues its quarterly blood donation drive in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross to provide a healthy blood supply for those in need in case of medical emergencies, have to date donated a total of 500 bags to the blood bank of Red Cross.

Caring for the environment is also one of the key advocacies of COD Manila. The integrated resort has participated in Earth Hour’s energy conservation campaign. City of Dreams Manila’s employees joined other volunteers and the Ocean Conservancy, Philippine Coastguard, International Coastal Cleanup Organization and Coast Guard Auxilliary at the annual international coastal cleanup at the Manila bay area. COD Manila further engaged its employees in an inter-departmental contest for creating decors out of recycled materials to raise awareness on sustaining the environment and helping curb global warming. In July and August, the COD Manila volunteers are also set to plant trees in the outskirts of Manila in the pursuit of environmental conservation and reforestation.

For inquiries and more information on City of Dreams Manila’s CSR initiatives, call 800 8080 or e-mail or visit

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