‘With Love’, the new EP from Michael Learns To Rock will be released digitally and on radio on May 06th. It features 2 brand new songs ‘Dream Girl’, ‘Crushing Blue’ and the 2 singles released prior over the last 6 months, ‘I’ll Wait For You’ and ‘We Shared the Night’.

“ ‘Dream Girl’ is very special to us. We had this song with us for quite some time but could not find the right time to release it. After various transformations and rewrites, we are now very proud of this version and we cannot think of a better time than now to share this with our fans to close off our 25th Anniversary celebrations, and just before Mother’s Day weekend.” – Jascha Richter

Michael Learns To Rock’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations officially came to a close when they performed the last of their ’25Live’ shows in China last week.

“The last 15 months or so have been very busy for us, writing, recording, producing and releasing music whilst touring the World all at the same time. But we were very happy to have that opportunity to do that for our fans. And like they say ‘all good things must come to an end’. However we are looking forward to the next phase of our career. As a token of our love and appreciation to our fans who helped us celebrate our 25th anniversary, to those who came to our shows, we are releasing a new EP titled ‘With Love’ to close up our 25th Anniversary Celebrations”. – Kare Wanscher

2015 was a very busy year for Michael Learns To Rock as they were celebrating their 25th Anniversary. The celebration started 18 months ago when they re-released their first 5 studio albums in remastered deluxe editions followed by their most comprehensive greatest hits collection simply titled ’25’. Shortly after, the band started to tour with their ‘25Live’ show which took them to Asia many times over.

‘We have been traveling to Asia every chance we got when we were not touring somewhere else in the World. Our fans have been amazing, and we have been getting constant requests to come back and perform for our fans. It feels really great, and the energy of our fans have not changed at all. It was like how it was back in the 90s” – Mikkel Lentz.

“We want to dedicate this song and this EP to our fans who grew up together with us over the last 25 years. Also especially to all the Mother’s out there, and of course to our beautiful wives; the mother of our children, for always being there despite our heavy work and tour schedule. We hope you will love our EP as much as we do.”Jascha Richter

With Love

Michael Learns To Rock

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