Yana Asistio and Martin Escudero team up on “kilig “mini-series on Wattpad Presents “Pristine Academy”

Now on its 4th season, TV5 ‘s primetime “kilig” mini-series continues to capture the hearts of many Filipino viewers.

TV5’s latest offering, WATTPAD PRESENTS “Pristine Academy” with Yana Asistio and Martin Escudero starting on August 10, 9pm.

Showbiz royalty Yana Asistio makes a name for herself as she appears on her first wattpad starrer together with TV5 hearthrob Martin Escudero on WATTPAD PRESENTS “Pristine Academy”.

The TV adaptation of one of the most well-loved Wattpad novels, which now has 3.8 M reads and 14.5 K online votes to date, elevating its author Kuya_Soju to celebrity status in the i=online community.

WATTPAD PRESENTS “Pristine Academy” features showbiz royalty and promising young actress Yana Asistio as she ventures in her first Wattpad starrer along with hearthrob Martin Escudero.

In this romatic-comedy story which revolves around the fictional school Pristine Academy, Keifer (Martin Escudero) is a known playboy who later on finds himself in a sticky situation as one of his conquests goes after him and claims to be bearing his child. Fearing for his life because the girl who is now huntig him belongs to a family of gagnsters. Keifer hides in an exclusive all-girls school with the help of his cousin and assumes the identity of a girl named Keira. This would have been the most convenient waybto get away from all his troubles had he not met Aenoa (Yana Asistio), the girl who eventually becomes his true love How can Keifer survive his double life and protect his blossoming relaionship with Aeone? Will Aeone be able to accept and forgive Keifer for what he has done and for who he is truly is?

Follow this “kilig” story on WATTPAD PRESENTS “Pristine Academy” and fall in love all over again. Monday to Friday starting on August 10, 9pm, exclusvely on TV5.


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