Worthwhile Announce New Album Old World Harm To Be Released July 17

Worthwhile has announced their upcoming full-length album, Old World Harm. The album will be released July 17, 2015 via Hopeless Records. Today, the band is also premiering a new song and video for “A Name, Two Dates and a Phrase”, which can be seen now on the official Hopeless Records YouTube channel:
In a joint statement, Worthwhile says, “We are so excited for everyone to hear what we have been working on. It has been a while since we have put out new tunes. We spent a lot of time making sure everything was right with this album and we are so proud of it.”
Old World Harm is now available for pre-order on iTunes and at Merch Store.
Old World Harm Track Listing
1. Relentless
2. A Fool’s Paradise
3. Journal Of A Mad Scientist
4. October Of ’29
5. A Name, Two Dates, And A Phrase
6. Lazy Lullaby
7. No Man’s Land
8. A Requiem For The Sons Of Harmony
9. Hollow Son
10. To My Mother
11. To My Little One, Someday

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