Weekend at Puerto Galera – #VPY2015

PUERTO Galera is the northwesternmost municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. It is located at the southwestern end of the Isla Verde Passage, about 130 kilometers (81 mi) south of Manila.
The biggest excitement in joining the Malasimbo Music Festival is discovering the place – Puerto Galera, the northwestern most municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.
From Manila, we arrived the Batangas Port, to board the outrigger boat. As we were on the ocean, gladly I noticed many people in the boat, are also exciting to join the Malasimbo party.

We arrived at the Muelle Port, Puerto Galera and we were assist by the jeepney driver as we proceed to the Marco Vincent Dive Resort.

Nice place, friendly people, Marco Vincent Hotel is located near the White Beach, the clean, quiet side of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.
There are many fun-filled activities to spend your time while in Puerto Galera. 
We visit the Talipanan Mangyan Village.

The Talipanan Mangyan Settlement is one among the few Mangayan villages that are welcoming to tourists. The settlement comprises about 70 nipa houses, and growing, with the help and support of the Ayala Foundation, Inc.

Upon entering the community village, travelers would be greeted by a bamboo-designed Mangyan gift shop. Products are from the livelihood program with the Mangyans themselves.
Tamaraw Falls

Island Hopping  – snorkel with friends at the Coral Garden

Lunch at the Elizabeth’s Hideaway

Hiking up Mt. Malasimbo and joined the party.

White Beach
Puerto Galera is listed by the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World, and is the only bay in the Philippines to be listed there.
Among the famous beaches in Puerto Galera are Sabang Beach and White Beach, which have an active nightlife with numerous bars and restaurants. Both beaches also have an array of first-class and economy-class accommodations.
Sabang beach is the main destination for foreign tourists, while White Beach remains popular with local travelers. Big La Laguna Beach and Small La Laguna Beach are considered part of Sabang with resorts lining the beaches. Big La Laguna Beach is popular for local swimmers and snorkelers. Since 2001 White beach has seen uncontrolled development. New restaurants and places to stay are rapidly encroaching on the beach itself and little remains of the once charming beach. Puerto Galera town is a pleasant but sleepy Philippine town with few attractions. It has a large central catholic church and a Pier area, with a selection of bistros and cafes.
Behind the beaches are the huge and generally unexplored mountain ranges of central Mindoro. A particular local attraction is the nine hole golf course perched on the hillside above White Beach which commands spectacular views over Puerto Galera’s natural harbor and the Verde Island Passage.
Mangyan tribes are scattered over the mountain sides – some of the more remote tribes have virtually no contact with the outside world. Of the eight tribes on Mindoro, the Iraya are the largest. They are based in the Puerto Galera area.
Puerto Galera is among the top diving destination in the Philippines. Excellent diving is found less than 5 minutes from Sabang Beach. The diving generally focuses around the areas either side of Escarceo Point, which is famous for its current rips. Strong currents are a feature of the diving in Puerto Galera and it is good advice to employ the services of an experienced local guide or dive centre. There are more than thirty dive sites all within a 5-10 minute banca ride from Sabang Beach. Marine life is highly diverse. 180+ species of nudi branches are found in the area and many species of fish can be seen. A variety of wrecks have been sunk over the years in addition to the one wreck of an engine of a WWII Japanese patrol boat.
The National Statistical Coordination Board of the Philippines characterizes the municipality of Puerto Galera as first Class based on household income. The population was 32,521 at the time of the 2010 Census of Population conducted by the National Statistics Office.
The town has a number of business and commercial establishments in the province, and is either the major market or resort&hotel, agricultural and commercial products. Candava Supermarket, New Virgo Grocery, Parkway Supermarket, Castillo Store are the popular supermarket in Puerto Galera. Major banks include Allied Bank, Rural Bank of Puerto Galera, Maxbank, and other microfinance banks.
In addition, Mindoro is quickly becoming key location in the development of renewable energy in the Philippines. With several large wind farms, hydroelectric, and geothermal projects under construction, the island hopes to be a net exporter of electricity by 2016. Telecommunication services are provided by Digital Telecommunications (Digitel), Smart Communications, and Globe. Cable and satellite television operators provide access to local and international broadcasts. Broadband Internet services are likewise available through the numerous internet cafes located in all barangay
In the summer of 1998 there was extensive coral bleaching around Medio Island and a large section of a shallow coral reefsystem (referred to as the “Coral Gardens”) died. Since then the coral has regrown with a larger diversity of coral species replacing the prolific table corals. Corals in Puerto Galera were largely unaffected by the 2010 El Niño event.
In 2006 two super typhoons damaged the shallow reefs around Escarceo Point. Many of the faster- growing coral species were destroyed to a depth of
Puerto Galera was designated a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973 and has some of the most diverse coral reef diving in Asia.
6 metres (20 ft). This represented about 5% of the coral reef in the area. Extensive signs of new coral recruitment were noted in mid-2008. Acroporaspecies (staghorn and table coral) rapidly recolonized the area so that most of the damaged coral has been replaced with new growth.
The Batangas/Puerto Galera area forms the center of the golden triangle – The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia – renowned for their coral and fish species. A study by the University of the Philippines in the 1980s found that this area has one of the highest diversity of marine species in the world.

Puerto Galera is also one of the main technical diving destinations in Asia. Technical Diving International – [TDI] has many dive centers in the area, offering the full range of TDI courses from Basic nitrox to advanced trimix. — Source: Wikipedia

This coastal town is well known among tourists for its numerous pocket beaches and many snorkeling and Scuba diving spots. The area was designated a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973 and has some of the most diverse coral reef diving in Asia. The marine environment has benefited in recent years from the influx of tourist dollars. This has seen a huge reduction in the number of fishermen in the area, as they gain higher revenue from tourists.
We stayed in Marco Vincent for three days and two night. With pool, the hotel management and all staff was so friendly and incredibly amazing, where ever they see you there smile and greet us and ask us if we need anything or how they can help us.
Thank you to the entire staff for making our trip to Puerto Galera and thank you Tourisn Promotion Board (TPB http://tpb.gov.ph/) for such an incredible and memorable weekend.
Looking forward to be back, with my family and friends, and to spend more time to have our days more enjoyable and experience something different and unforgettable.
Puerto Galera has the natural asset for attracting tourists. It still has the unspoiled environment, tropical climate, an agricultural setting, numerous beaches, interesting mountain areas, lakes, rivers, rain forests, wild animals, rare fora and fauna and the existing cultural minorites. Special interest tours in the province such as mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, camping, butterfly watching, game fishing, adventure trips to the wilderness, visiting Mangyan settlement areas, natural caves and waterfalls exploration, island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming could be conceptualized. – puertogaleratrip.com

PUERTO Galera is located at the southwestern end of the Isla Verde Passage, about 130 kilometers (81 mi) south of Manila.

By Public Transportation
Go to any of the following bus terminals in Metro Manila:
– Bus Terminals near the corner of Taft Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia), Pasay City – nearest Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Domestic Airport.
– Bus Terminal near Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.
– Bus Terminal in EDSA corner Kamias Street, Quezon City.
– Bus Terminal in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
-Ride the air-conditioned bus going straight to Batangas pier via CALABARZON Expressway.
Travel time: Less 2 hours and the fare is less than 200 pesos.
Upon arrival in Batangas pier, go to Terminal 3 and find the ticket booth of the ferry going to Puerto Galera. Passengers are required to pay the Terminal Fee worth 30 pesos per person and the Environmental User Fee for tourists going to Puerto Galera worth 50 pesos per person.
Puerto Galera 4 major points of entry: Sabang Pier, Muelle Pier, Balatero Pier and White Beach.
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