D-COY Sets Forth Immortality in Hip Hop with “Agimat”

I am capable of doing songs and I can inspire people. I can give inspiration to the kids that they can do this kind of music.”


I recently met D-Coy, Filipino independent musician, rapper and a record producer. D-Coy is a simple composer, a rapper extraordinaire, serious in doing creative lyrics, a true innovator in the Filipino urban music scene.

D-Coy is adapting the music and culture. “When I rap, I give situations, then I give solutions to these situations. I might not be as popular as other people but I want people to remember my songs—that in some way they helped, that in some way they were able to make a difference.”

It’s more than just music. It’s a way of life. For D-coy, and for the others who share his passion.

D-COY will soon be spreading some infectious rap ditties, and will be lording over the airwaves with his fluid and poetic rapping style, oozing with hope, inspiration, and Pinoy pride.

Regarded and respected as one of the vanguards of the Pinoy rap and hip hop music scene, D-Coy has been an influential figure for 15 years. His music career started at the age of 15, and recorded his debut album with his former group, Madd Poets in 1997.

D-COY has been visible for quite some time; legitimate enough to say that he has matured along with his music, and has found his unmovable stature in hip hop when he proudly said, “May lugar ako.”

D-COY and early stages of his career. His first solo album, D-COY a.k.a WAKIN (“Plastic Age”) was released last 2001 under EMI Music. His collaborations included musicians such as Kyla, Slapshock, Radioactive Sago Project among others. His solo album officially sealed his mark as one of the emerging yet relevant hip hop artists of his generation. After 11 years, D-COY released his sophomore album. Dubbed as Black Katipunero, it was released last 2012 under his own label, WIKA Records. He recorded the album for two years. Collaborations included Filipino veteran musicians like P.O.T.’s former bassist Mally Paraguya, Spy’s Sammy Asuncion and Jamir of Slapshock to help produce the album.

Pambansang Kamao and Other Accomplishments. D-COY produced a song for Manny Pacquiao titled “Pambansang Kamao”. He admitted this project opened doors for him. He won Most Promising Artist at Junk Magazine Awards in Malaysia; Best Hip Hop/ Urban Solo at the Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA), the biggest independent award giving body in Asia; Best Rap Artist at Awit Awards; and Music Video of the Year at PMPC Star Awards for Music.

Last 2008, he represented the Philippines at the First Asian Hip Hop Festival in Thailand. He was quick to explain, “I love doing shows. I love performing. I am capable of doing songs and I can inspire people. I can give inspiration to the kids, that they can do this kind of music.”

In 2012, a production team of a TV show in Malaysia shot a documentary about hip hop artists and went to visit the Philippines to feature him. They support him even though he performs in Tagalog.

He also confessed that he is well recognized in foreign soil but not in his own country. It was during his performance at the Junk Magazine Awards that he realized, “Hindi mo dapat ikahiya kung nagta-Tagalog ka. Dapat proud ka.”

WIKA Records and WIKA Clothing. With his experience in the industry, he has also learned the business side of music, “Technically hindi gagalaw pag walang pondo.”

He has learned how to be well rounded, and so as part of his many endeavors including producing materials for corporate projects, and his passion to promote Tagalog rap, D-COY founded independent music label, WIKA Records, which aims to help artists. He also produced an album for an artist under his wing, young, teen-rap artist, Aikee. He also has set up his own clothing line, WIKA Clothing, in partnership with BLUED.

Agimat and his transition to Digital Age. Back in 1995, social media was not as visible as it is today. He witnessed the transition from the traditional music to digital age. As an artist, he felt the need to reach out, evolve and be relevant. “You need to reinvent yourself. You need to evolve. It takes a lot of research. Responsibility ng artist yun,” says D-Coy.

He is happy that he can cope up with the changes as music shifts to digital age, “Hirap mag-depende sa label. Piracy at illegal downloads kill the music scene,” he adds.

And with the new age of music lovers especially the hip hop fans, he strategizes and plans things out. “Give them something na di nila kaya tanggihan. Give them something na magbi-build ng interest nila. I reach out to them. Like with this new artist, I make sure na kaya ko makipag-collaborate with them. I collaborate with them. Yun yung masayang part dun. You do collaborations.”

This coming December, he is set to release his third solo album, Agimat. He mentioned the reason behind the title, “It’s immortality in the music scene. Andito parin ako. I wanna do music – that is my passion.”


He further explained that his friends and colleagues fondly call him “Wakin Bordado”, named after the Ramon Revilla – Agimat movie main character, Joaquin Bordado, who like D-COY has several tattoos. He noted that if Joaquin Bordado’s tattoos come to life, it is the same with his lyrics. He says that his lyrics and songs are a reflection of life, his experiences, his insights… hoping that his songs would spark life, hope, inspire, and move his listeners through his music.


Learning from the past, and moving on with the times, he has come up with radio-friendly materials but still stick to his standards. The album has 10-12 songs with “Usok”, an Asin original, as carrier single. Collaborations include Vince of South Border, Rocksteddy, etc.

D-COY was very particular in choosing his first single. A fan of classic songs especially the music of Asin, Rey Valera, Hotdog, and other acts from the Manila sound era, he re-recorded and rearranged “Usok” which was also from his previous album.

Together with his new management, D-COY will released “Bebeloves” which he collaborated with Flipmusic.

His music today circles around commercial but not sellout. Principle and artistry are still dominant. “I have learned how to make music without compromising artistry but at the same time how to create funds”, he shared.

When he was asked what would be one of his monumental accomplishments, he answered, “Andito pa rin ako. The fans are still there to support. I think I’m with the right people na.”

Advocacy for Special Kids and Anti-Bullying Campaign. One of the many good things as a Filipino artist is that D-COY knows the overwhelming reality not only in his country but abroad as well. After his recently concluded show in Japan, he was aware and alarmed about the kids who would take their own life because of unbearable bullying in school.

And with this, he supports foundations and produced “Sana”, a song about street kids and special kids because according to him, “they deserve love”. He is set to shoot the music video of the song for the foundation.

For more information about D-COY, his new album, schedule of gigs and tours, log-on to his social media accounts:

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