Kids Acts Philippines presents “ALADDIN” set on August 14 – 16

Kids ActsPhilippines proudly presents “ ALADDIN ”as a season offering to all schools, parents and children.
Aladin’s  script and lyrics by LUIGI NACARIO and music by EUGENE BELBIS. The story of Aladdin is adapted from the popular version of “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” by Antoine Galland.
Aladdin is a story of a poor boy and his mother. One day, an African Magician disguised as his uncle asked the boy to work for him. He then brought the boy to a cave full of gold and told him to get an old lamp. Before he entered the cave, the African Magician gave him a magic ring. In the cave, Aladdin found the old lamp, but was trapped inside. He accidentally rubs the ring and a genie comes out and granted him his wish to get out of the cave. He was able to get home and handed the old lamp to his mother for her to clean it. As she was cleaning it, another genie comes out from the lamp and granted him all he wished for.
Later, he fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the Sultan, marries her and gave her an enormous palace. One day, the African Magician learned about Aladdin’s success and went to the palace and tricked his wife into trading an old lamp for a new one. The African Magician used the lamp to get Aladdin’s palace, wife and all his riches transferred to a lonely place in Africa. Aladdin, on the other hand, was despaired but tried to get back everything through the use of the magic ring.
Will he be able to get his Princess and the magic lamp back? Will he be able to defeat the evil magician?
Discover Aladdin’s Adventure as Kids Acts Philippines presents Aladdin and The Magic Lamp!
The cast of “ ALADDIN ” features Noel Rayos, Derrick Gozos, Gian Gloria, Kendrick Ibasco, Al Fritz Blanche, Terence Guillermo, Nazer Salcedo, Ramil Pauig, Arion Sanchez, Michael Fernandez, Ces Dela Cruz, Cristina Peredo, Agnes Sarreal, Zscharmaine Barretto, Meyanne Plamenio, Arielle Magno, Ria Albaladejo, Faye Velicaria, Charlotte Gonzales, Mary Joy Solomon, Justin Orolfo, Shanelle Comia, Atascha Mercado, Hya Leonado, Angel Yu
The artistic team of ALADDIN is composed of Jonathan Rabanzo & Luigi Nacario (Choreography); Eugene Belbis (Orchestration); Christian Bautista (Lighting Design); Emma Doverte (Stage Management); Manuel Edralin (Set Design); Luigi Nacario (Costume Design) and Ed Aguilar Nicart III (Photography).
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