Anya Resorts and Residences: Golden opportunity in PH’s robust 2014 real estate market

“ANYA” is a Sanskrit word that means, “boundless” – and true to its name, Anya Resort and Residences in Tagaytay offers its residents and guests relaxation, pampering, and luxury set in a place of great natural beauty.1

There’s no better time than 2014 for investors to acquire properties in the Philippines—experts are projecting continuous and robust growth for the real estate sector for the rest of the year. For example, the Urban Land Institute’s survey ranks the Philippines as fourth in Asia-Pacific property investment prospects, after Tokyo, Shanghai, and Jakarta. Such attractive property investment prospects in the country include office, industrial, retail, residential, and leisure.

NATURE’S BOUNTY. From fresh fruits to vegetables grown on-site,  Anya Resort and Residences in Tagaytay serves international cuisine that’s both delicious and healthy.


FOCUS on what’s truly important:  real wellness and well-being. A stay at Anya Resort and Residences in Tagaytay puts matters in perspective while you relax, enjoy nature’s beauty, reward and pamper yourself.


FLOWERS simply be:  they bloom in their own time, drink in the sunshine, and bring beauty and life into the world.  On its own, a flower is an image of serenity—this is the same serenity you find in Anya Resort and Residences in Tagaytay which is peacefully a-bloom the whole year.


THE ROAD to Anya Resort and Residences in Tagaytay is your entrance to wellness, relaxation, and pampered luxury like no other.  Guests, residents, and investors find all that they need and more when they arrive: Anya is not just a great place for finding health and rejuvenation; not just an awesome place to live in; but also a smart investment that gives comparatively quick, sustained, higher-than-usual returns.


ANYA RESORT AND RESIDENCES in Tagaytay provides quiet spaces for rest, relaxation, and introspection. All of its amenities are designed for wellness, rejuvenation, and pampering. It is open to visiting guests and vacationers, as well as to investors who wish to purchase their own residential units with the option to have these leased.


STONE PATHS weave through pocket gardens that dot Anya Resort and Residences in Tagaytay. The property’s 5.7 hectares are landscaped to flow with the terrain, so that the development remains environmentally- friendly and enhance the surroundings’ natural beauty. Anya is open to vacationers, would-be residents, and investors.


POCKET GARDENS throughout Anya Resort and Residences create small, relaxing spaces that are ideal for meditation and wellness activities like yoga, tai chi, etc. Anya is nestled in a secluded area in Tagaytay and provides luxurious pampering and wellness treatments to guests, residents, and investors.


“IF YOU HAVE A GARDEN AND A LIBRARYyou have everything you need,” said the Roman philosopher Cicero.  Anya Resort and Residences in Tagaytay provides both to its guests, residents, and investors. Anya has pocket gardens all around, as well as a Borderless Library where a guest can chose whether a printed book or an e-book to bring anywhere in the property. There are also secluded, private conference and functions areas that are ideal for business meetings and social gatherings.


Down a secluded road in Barangay  Mag-asawang Ilat, Tagaytay City is Anya Resort and Residences: a 5.7 hectare property dedicated to wellness, relaxation, and luxurious pampering for vacationers as well as those looking for a second home. Investors will also find Anya to be an attractive prospect because of its comparatively quick payback periods thanks to a combined cash yield and realistic capital appreciation return.


In the residential and leisure property sector, Anya Resorts and Residences in Tagaytay represents one of the prime investment opportunities. It combines a boutique resort sanctuary with luxury residential units; and offers investors not only luxurious vacation homes with a wellness component, but also the opportunity for ROI and profit. Some of the advantages that an investor in Anya will enjoy include:

Liquidity. Anya provides investors cash on an ongoing basis. Its world-class resort facilities assure a steady and growing client base among wellness travelers, keeping an investor’s share liquid. It’s like earning cash while you sleep.

Highest capital appreciation. As a branded, full-service, and managed development, Anya is expected to rise in value fast, with higher cash returns compared to other types of real estate. This is due to excellent maintenance and world-class facilities that inspire trust and loyalty among its customers.

Managed asset. Anya is fully managed by world-class experts. These experts are there to ensure that Anya’s investors continue to earn from their investment. With their investment under Anya’s management; investors can continue focusing on their main business as their money grows.

Co-ownership. Investors become co-owners of Anya, which is the Philippines’ first luxury residential resort brand designed to attract top global clientele. Health and wellness is the world’s fastest growing sector, so Anya will be at the center of the action and is expected to bring in a lot of revenue for its owners.

Marketed asset / SLH. Anya is a marketed asset. The team behind Anya has the expertise for marketing luxury resorts, both domestically and internationally.

Anya Elite Program. Through the Elite Program, Anya’s investors enjoy luxury benefits that are unique and unmatched by other wellness, residential, and resort developments. Members of Anya’s Elite will also enjoy other luxury destinations through Anya’s various tie-ups.

Strategic exit. Investors have an attractive buy-back option for their shares at Anya. This, combined with frequent and ongoing cash returns, provide investors everything from a high-earning investment to an easy exit strategy when necessary.

Anya is located in a most ideal place for a luxury retreat: lush, cool, and verdant Tagaytay. It’s just 75 minutes away from Metro Manila, making it ideal for spur of the moment wellness day trips or weekend getaways. Weekend guests enjoy the resort hideaway facilities while residents are privileged with 24/7 personalized service right in their very own homes, plus unlimited access to resort facilities, amenities, perks, and services.

For more information about Anya Resorts and Residences and its investment opportunities, please go to their website at; or email, or call 0917-888ANYA(2692).

Anya Resort and Residences is developed and managed by Roxaco Land Corp., the property development arm of Roxas and Company Inc. Roxaco Land Corp. is also the developer of projects like Fuego Hotel chains and several subdivisions in Batangas and Cavite since 1988.


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