Love is in the air this February on Animal Planet’s Valentine’s Weekend

Discover how animals seduce a potential mate, go through interesting courtship rituals and express love and attraction in Animal Planet’s two-hour, four-part series, Love is in the Wild.
Venture into the animal kingdom’s world of romance, extraordinary lovestories, unusual mating rituals and everything else in between on Animal Planet’s VALENTINE’S WEEKEND! In this three-day special, discover how various animals pursue their ideal mate and explore the amazing courting approaches exclusive to each species. Also, tune in to the tales of remarkable bonds shared between animals and human beings.
The love fest airs back-to-back for two hours beginning Friday, February 14 from 9:00 p.m., kicking off with the premiere of a brand new four-part series, LOVE IS IN THE WILD.
Witness a classic romance between two young monkeys in Romeo and Juliet: A Monkey’s Tale.
Catch Wildwives of Savannah Lane and uncover how the real queens of Savannah impose their law and outdo their male counterparts in the wild.
Plus, get to know dedicated pet lovers who sometimes love their animals more than human beings on Dangerously Devoted, and follow a heartening story about love and friendship between a man, his wife and three pet African cats on Daniel and Our Cats.
Here’s the latest news from Animal Planet!
On LOVE IS IN THE WILD, witness the tricky path of feral love and unravel how animals in the wild go through a succession of diverse and well-organised rituals to find a companion. Visit the habitats of baboons, Barbary and Japanese macaques and orangutans, and learn about their lifestyle and behavioural differences such as eating habits, social nature and sexual behaviour. Observe birds of the forest – coots, tits, grebes, mallards and hen harriers – in their most important activity of the year, seducing, mating and creating nests. Journey to the Masaï Mara nature reserve, in the southwest of Kenya and watch how animals, both predator and prey, maintain their social relations in the brutal African plains.
Then, visit the landscapes of Australia and unearth the unique, and sometimes bizarre, courting strategies used by males to lure females. Some of which include “boxing fights” carried out by red kangaroos, mating dances Victoria’s riflebirds fulfill to attract their partners and a synchronised display of courtship bows performed by rainbow lorikeets to impress their lifelong companions.
Also happening this VALENTINE’S WEEKEND, tune in to a classic romance story of two young monkeys in ROMEO AND JULIET: A MONKEY’S TALE. Offering quirky, new insight into relationships in nature, discover the destinies and adventures of the real queens of the savannah, where females impose their law and rules and outdo their male counterparts on WILDWIVES OF SAVANNAH LANE. Meet DANGEROUSLY DEVOTED pet lovers who sometimes love their animals more than human beings and follow the heartwarming story of love and friendship shared between “lion man” Daniel Radziej, his wife Catherine and their three pet African cats on DANIEL AND OUR CATS.
LOVE IS IN THE WILD encores every Saturday at 1:00 p.m., Sunday at 4:00 p.m. and Monday at noon.

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Episode Descriptions
A Monkey’s Life
This documentary follows four families of primates – baboons in Kenya, Barbary macaques in Morocco, and macaques in Japan and orangutans in Borneo – to uncover the differences between each species. Some of these differences include social relations, eating habits and mating behaviour.
One Day In The Forest
In this documentary, follow the outland road to the woods and fields and see how nature comes back to life during spring. Join the birds of the forest in their most important activity of the year courting, mating and creating nests. Also, meet one of the rainforest’s most fabulous inhabitants- the red deer.
One Day In The Savannah
The African Savannah may be a place where predators reign mercilessly. Nevertheless, animals in the plains of Africa spend a lot of time maintaining their social relations, be it predators or prey. Spend a day in the Masaï Mara nature reserve – in Southwest Kenya – and experience a land brimming with life.
One Day In Australia
Australian landscapes are among the oldest in the world. Since its isolation from the rest of the world some forty million years ago, this huge island has become abundant with flora and fauna. Visit this rich wildlife and uncover the wonders of Australia that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.
  1. The male octopus’s penis breaks off during mating and will grow back the following season.
  1. The male porcupine showers the female with a long stream of urine before mating.
  1. The female bedbug mates by getting jabbed in the abdomen by the male’s penis.
  1. During the mating season, the red-sided garter snake will engage in a massive orgy, with one female taking on hundreds of partners.
  1. The male slug’s penis is so large he must find a mate of comparable size, or risk having it bitten off.
  1. Cichlid fish eggs are fertilised by the male while they are being carried in the female’s mouth.
  1. The male anglerfish latches onto the female like a parasite, living off her food and fertilising her when she is ready to lay eggs.
  1. In certain midges, intercourse appears to include kissing, but it is in fact the female sucking out the male’s bodily fluids.
  1. Flatworms are hermaphrodites and duke it out with their penises to decide which one will be the woman.
  1. The male hippopotamus attracts a female by using his tail to spray her with his faeces.

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