1D DAY – 23rd November , to be broadcast on YouTube & Google+

‘1D Day is all about giving back to our amazing fans for supporting us for the past three years. When we suggested it we never thought anyone would let us loose LIVE all day – we cannot wait!’ – – Liam

Global superstars One Direction today announce further details of their unprecedented and unique worldwide event, ‘1D Day’, which is marking the release of their new album ‘Midnight Memories’.
‘1D Day’ will give people from every corner of the globe a unique opportunity to enter into One Direction’s world, through a seven-hour live broadcast with the band this Saturday 23rd November between 7pm – 2am (GMT).
1D Day will be broadcast on YouTube & Google+, so One Direction fans around the world can watch live at the same time. The broadcast will include behind the scenes footage, exclusive plays of tracks from their new album ‘Midnight Memories’, Guinness World record attempts, and amazing special guests including Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, The Muppets and many more.
The official 1D Day promo video gives a flavour of what you can expect: http://youtu.be/aMlD-UXWWXQ
1D Day will also broadcast live into Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty on BBC3. The show will feature a host of previous Doctors and their time-travelling companions.
Fans who have taken part in 1D Day challenges over the past few weeks will have the chance to spot their work on screen and people will be able to join in the fun in a variety of ways; using the hashtag #1DDayLive, swiping the screen to get rewards with the Zappar app and play along with the official 1D Day quiz.
The ultimate reward for fans from around the world is getting the opportunity to hangout with the guys and participate live in the stream. The band will be surprising fans by dropping into their Google+ Hangout parties and chatting live face-to-face in a special feature called One Big Drop In. For further information on how to hangout with the guys click here www.google.com/+onedirection
One Direction have recently finished a worldwide tour, and are releasing their hugely anticipated third studio album ‘Midnight Memories’ on the 25th November. The band have also announced a worldwide stadium tour for 2014.
1D Day can be viewed in all countries You Tube is live in at: 

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