Soirée Beaujolais 2013: The Streets of Paris

Soiree Beaujolais 2013 is the annual celebration of the opening and tasting of new wine gathered and processed from the vineyards of Beaujolais in France and opened on the third week of November. For the last 22 years, the French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines – Le Club has been celebrating the “Soiree Beaujolais” in keeping the tradition, to celebrate French culture, its food and wine in particular and also the strong involvement of French businessess and entreprenuers.
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The Streets of Paris on Soirée Beaujolais will be on 21st of November 2013 at the elegant Manila Hotel Tent City to accommodate up to 1,500 elite guests from the diplomatic, corporate and social registers which is also a reunion of all French nationals in the Philipines.
The French party will celebrate the launch of Beaujolais Nouveau – the “new’ wine from the rich, fertile grape fields and wineries of Beaujolais Region.

According to Mr. Jean Caillard, Managing Director of FCC-Le Club, the whole gala will recreate scenes and firmed moments of a day in the life of Paris, starting off with the cooing of doves, early moorning scenesm musicians on the streets and theater performances, with elegant couture and jewelry show. A nonstop dancing which will be commence with the Major Impact Band.

All the wine, cheese and delicatessen are being especially flown in from France while the Manila Hotel will prepare the hors d’ ceuvres, the charcuterie, the oysters, the slads, hot French cuisine, the pastries and fabulous desserts which the hotel is noted for.
The French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines—Le Club recently the Exhibitors and Sponsors meeting, press conference with food and wine tasting held at the Roma Salon of The Manila Hotel, October 24.
So glad and honored that I am one of the few guests invited to attend this elegant affair, French style! I am with the media and well known online digital writers/bloggers. Thanks to Ms. Arabelle Jimenez, FCC-Le Club Publicist and Managing Director of e-Crit Com.
The high point of French-Philippine social life, formal event gathering French businessmen, Filipino Francophile executives, wine lovers, and personalities enjoying parties, the Soirée Beaujolais is a yearly event organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and one of the largest event of its kind organized in Asia.
This is great opportunity  those who would like to enjoy this totality of a French cultural  and gastronomic experiences and to savor the Beaujolais Nouveau.
For reservations and ticket sales, please contact the French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines – Le Club  at telephone number 813-9005 or e-mail
Thanks to major partners and participating sponsors for Soirée Beaujolais 2013: The Streets of Paris.
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