DOTC : MCIAA Donates P 2-Million to Earthquake Victims

Airport Back to 100% Normal Operations One Day After Temblor

Following the aftermath of Tuesday’s temblor, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) has decided to donate P 2-Million to the victims of the earthquake in the provinces of Cebu and Bohol out of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget.
The MCIAA Board of Directors met yesterday, 17 October 2013, and approved the release of P 1-Million each to the Provincial Governments of Cebu and Bohol as financial assistance for use in their relief operations.
“I commend MCIAA for this generous act at this critical time, and I hope this inspires others to help out as well. I personally visited our kababayans in these areas over the past two days and saw the difficulties they are going through. It is good for them to be reassured that government is here to help them,” said Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya.

The MCIAA also reported to the DOTC that the Cebu airport has been back to 100% 24-hour normal operations since the day after the earthquake hit, or on 16 October 2013. This confirmation dispels certain false and irresponsible text messages which have been circulated, claiming that the runway was badly damaged and that the airport was closed.

According to the MCIAA, the runway was closed for only 20 minutes right after the temblor hit, in order to allow the Runway Inspection Team to conduct an immediate technical inspection of the runway and taxiway integrity. Having been found to be safe, the runway was reopened for flight operations.
Meanwhile, the passenger terminal building (PTB) was evacuated and closed for around three-and-a-half hours on 15 October 2013 as structural integrity was assessed. No major damages were detected, as minor damages such as cracks were non-structural in nature. Passenger and cargo processing were returned to the PTB from separate buildings by around noon of the same day.
The riding public is advised to remain on alert and to follow any public announcements that may be broadcast at the airport. Should there be a need to evacuate, they should follow the guidance of airport personnel and head to the nearest exits. The MCIAA is appealing for calm and sobriety as aftershocks occur.
The MCIAA reaffirms its commitment to provide the highest level of airport services possible with safety first on its mind, in line with the DOTC’s priority of ensuring passenger safety and convenience.

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