Divisoria Guide App Available for Download Starting Sept. 6

Manila, Philippines (September 6, 2013) – From this day onward, anyone can snatch the best deals in Manila’s famous marketplace with the help of an app – and without worries of getting lost.


Divisoria Guide App for iOS, an application created by young Filipino entrepreneur from Palawan province, John Christian Yayen will be available for download starting 5pm on Friday, September 6.

The app, which will be sold at $2.99 or around P130 at the App Store is the best would-be-mobile-essential for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, and bargain hunters as they explore the country’s biggest marketplace for bargains.

Divisoria Guide App’s main feature is the offline map that covers all the streets in the crowd-drawing Divisoria market in Manila. Notes and tips on how to score a deal as well as what street merchandises to buy were also featured in the app.

As someone who already got lost in the crowded Manila area several times before, Yayen said he decided to work on the App not only to help himself but also other small business owners and ordinary consumers who might be interested to shop at Divisoria but are hesitant to do so for they have no idea where to go, not to mention the fact they are very concerned with their safety.

The 24 year-old BS Nursing graduate of the University of Santo Tomas added, “Divisoria Guide is the perfect app for everyone who would dare to visit that part of Manila especially nowadays that even search engine giant, Google has very limited information about it.”

Yayen said locals and even the Chinese businessmen who frequent the area are not even that familiar with the places that he just discovered while doing his research for this app. His almost one year of hard work made him realize that Divisoria has a lot of things to offer – from the basic commodities at very low prices that attract local and foreigners alike to as huge as the Filipino culture and history.

With this app, mobile app users can now access great information in just a click of a keypad.

With plenty of information on establishments, products, and other useful utilities, the app would help users in many ways, which include saving a lot of their time, money and effort.

Indeed, there’s no better way to explore Divisoria than by having this reliable app on one’s iOS device.

Divisoria Guide App will also be available for Android soon.

For more info, visit www.divisoriaguide.com.

Follow Divisoria Guide on Twitter @divisoriaguide and join the conversation about the launch with the hash tag #DivisoriaGuideAppLaunch and like their page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/divisoriaguideapp.


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