Sony Unveils the New Bravia® 4K LED TV in 55- and 65-inch for the Best Home Entertainment Experience

DSC06891Sony once again revolutionizes watching television through its 4K movement. With its promise to bring the best viewing experience “from the lens to the living room,” here’s the REAL 4K!  The Sony BRAVIA® 4K TV.

Sony Unveils the New Bravia® 4K LED TV in 55- and 65-inch for the Best Home Entertainment Experience.


Four times more beautiful from every angle, four times more detail than a full high definition (HD) experience – Sony proves that your cinematic pleasures can be magnified four times more.

Sony has created an ecosystem which comprises of professional cameras, recorders, monitors, home digital front projectors, and now includes the new line-up of 4K LED TVs, giving consumers the most immersive entertainment experience from start to end.


Coming from a successful launch of the 84-inch 4K LED TV in 2012, Sony is bringing to the market 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes in its KD-X9004A Series line-up, which ultimately brings the 4K LED TV experience to a broader reach of consumers. The two new TVs, which deliver the highest picture quality at an incredible 8 million pixels, were unveiled in an exclusive media launch on September 3, 2013 at the Fairmont Hotel.

Before the program proper, media attendees and other guests were treated to an exciting BRAVIA ® 4K demonstration that proved Sony has the edge in bringing superior picture and sound quality to home viewers. In a separate room, everyone witnessed the magic of 4K Technology in restoring old films into their glorious state by replicating and reproducing rich and delicate color tones that other technologies cannot accomplish. To demonstrate this more clearly, a short documentary video of the 4K powered “Lawrence of Arabia” was shown. The clip demonstrates the beauty of a restored material.

“Lawrence of Arabia” is a 1962 British-American epic adventure drama film based on the life of T. E. Lawrence, a British World War I officer who led Bedouin tribesmen in guerilla assaults against their Turkish occupiers. The hero’s leadership helped destroy the Ottoman Empire. Now a classic, the film is widely considered as one of the greatest and most influential movies in the history of cinema. In 2012, a 4K digital restoration was made for Blu-Ray and theatrical release by Sony Pictures to celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary.

“For years upon years, Sony has strived to give consumers the most immersive home entertainment experience from beginning to end. We want to be a part of your authentic viewing experience, with 4K’s promise of a sharper and clearer picture quality that makes images seemingly come to life. I am more than proud to say that Sony is the first to introduce 4K TVs into the Philippine market. We aspire to change the way you watch television forever,” said President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines, Mr. Yasushi Asaoka.

Aptly so, Philippine media representatives to the Sony BRAVIA® Media Tour held in Tokyo, Japan recently supported this claim. Influential tech blogger and founder Abe Olandres sent in a video diary of his 4K Tokyo experience, helping non-techies understand more closely the power of 4K. For his part, accomplished filmmaker and The Philippine Star columnist Pepe Diokno discussed the 4K Technology using a filmmaker’s point of view.

“It’s all about movie magic — when images and sound are so clear and so vivid that they totally engross you. Sony’s 4K technology does this. It means 8 million pixels of pure visual bliss. Look at a 4K Bravia and it doesn’t feel like you’re watching a TV. It feels like you’re watching the world,” said Diokno.

The new BRAVIA® 4K TVs have the 4K X-reality PRO processing engine which not only reduces visual noise and corrects image shapes, but also up scales 2K content to a near 4K native resolution. The X-Series TVs have also employed the latest Reality Creation database and Super Resolution processing to optimise images, and produce stunning picture quality with richer colours and sharpness.

Furthermore, TRILUMINOS Display LED backlighting is used in the 4K LED TVs to present rich, authentic color with subtle tones while also replicating bold colours including hard-to-reproduce reds and greens. By integrating QD Vision’s Colour IQTM optical component with Sony’s unique display technologies, these televisions achieve significantly wide color gamut and provide a far more natural and vivid viewing experience with a heightened sense of depth.


To complete the experience, the X series TVs also offer a better sound experience by incorporating an end-to-end Sony audio solution. Using Sony’s proprietary Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology, the delivery of sound pressure levels are higher than what conventional TVs can produce.

Finally, with its “Sense of Quartz” design, the X Series TVs embody BRAVIA’s sophisticated design. Sculpted from genuine metal and glass material, the Quartz edge of the TVs, combined with its bold geometric shapes embodies beauty and style to create a distinctive silhouette that complements every kind of home surrounding. As the centerpiece of your home entertainment, its elegant design will add a touch of class to your living room.



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