Teleperformance completes turnover of 50 homes to Gawad Kalinga Village in Tanay Rizal

A corporate social responsibility project of Teleperformance in partnership with Gawad Kalinga, held the turnover of 50 homes to the residents of the Teleperformance Gawad Kalinga Village in Tanay Rizal.
Teleperformance , the leading global provider of outsourced customer experience management services completed the turnover of 50 homes to the residents last Saturday, August 17 at the Teleperformance COTW Village in Tanay, Rizal as Teleperformance celebrates the 3rd Anniversary of their COTW in Tanay Rizal. And as more charitable efforts, Teleperformance announced 50 additional homes for the GK site.
Citizen of the World (COTW) is the corporate social responsibility arm of Teleperformance with primary focus on helping underserved sectors of society, including children and the elderly. Its core objectives are to make Teleperformance charitable efforts systematic and participative for all employees and entities, to unite in a worthy common cause compatible with local needs, to maximize giving levels and encourage colleagues, clients and other audiences to join the company’s significant humanitarian commitment and to elevate the pride, loyalty and satisfaction of its employees. COTW provides a channel for employees across the organization to work together not for personal gain, but for the benefit of others.
Organized under the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation and the local government of Tanay, the village is the flagship project of Teleperformance Philippines’ corporate social responsibility arm, Citizen of the World (COTW). Launched in August 2010, the Teleperformance Gawad Kalinga Village was developed to provide modest dwellings for the flood victims of Typhoon Ondoy. The 20-sqm concrete homes were designed with receiving, dining and external cooking areas, a bathroom, and provisions for a loft to accommodate larger families.
Today, the community located in Sitio Gabihan, Baranggay Tandang Kutyo has flourished to include a multi-purpose town hall, a daycare center, computer learning center, and a recreation area. This was made possible through thousands of employee volunteer hours and financial aid contributed by Teleperformance Philippines, its employees and partners.
The completion of the 50 housing units coincides with the Third Anniversary celebration of the Teleperformance Gawad Kalinga Village. Apart from the formal turnover of the homes,which are awarded complete with bunk beds and dining tables, a ground-breaking ceremony was held to signify the pledge for the construction of 50 additional homes over the next year.

Brian Johnson, Managing Director of Teleperformance Philippines, expressed enthusiasm about the growth of the village. “We thank our employee volunteers and partners who have contributed and worked together to build the Teleperformance Gawad Kalinga Village. These homes are proof that there is hope for the many families that have been left homeless by natural disasters. Teleperformance is committed to make lasting investments in the community and we look forward to welcoming more families into their new homes soon.
David Rizzo, Teleperformance Asia Pacific President, agreed. “We are one with Gawad Kalinga in inspiring hope and rebuilding the lives of the needy. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to make a difference in the community, not only by providing financial aid and building shelters for families, but more importantly, by encouraging them to be productive and responsible citizens and an inspiration to the rest of society.”
”Antonio “Tony” Meloto, Founder and Chairman of Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, congratulated Teleperformance for the continuous development of the village.
“Today we see the power of solidarity and the miracles that we can create together. I can see that what people have received from us here is hope which Teleperformance has built with passion and dedication. You have not only given them hope but restored their dignity. You gave them security and a dream that will be passed on to their children. I think leadership is also about nurturing, and you have nurtured this community very well because you now have made them amazing nation builders.”

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