Let the FUN begin at the 24th Philippine Travel Mart!

The First Philippine Tourism Forum will be on September 6 to 8, 2013. This is the first major initiative for open discussion of ASEAN integration. Participants will get a well-rounded view of the issues, the opportunities and threats, as well as future directions.

66706_605061786205267_2032799411_n The Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) is joined by prestigious business associations and tourism organizations as co-presentors for this event.


 – KEYNOTE ADDRESS: “Tourism as the Business of the People: The Philippines as a Destination”

 – Empowering Tourism Enterprises for ASEAN Integration

 – ASEAN Tourism Offerings: Getting the World to Feel the Warmth

 – ASEAN Integration 2015: Can We Board in Time for the Flight?

 – Creation and Implementation of ASEAN Tourism Standards: The Long and Winding Road

 – Destination Branding: Build or Buy

 – Shaping the Future of Travel in the Asia-Pacific Region

 – Defining Value Proposition in Destination Marketing and Promotion

 – Air and Transport Connectivity: Moving People in the Integrated Region

 – How Competitive is the Philippines in the ASEAN Region? Getting ready for the wave of change

 – ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreements:  Threats or Promises

 – “Pinoy, Sino Ka Ba?” The Historical and Cultural Underpinnings of the Filipino Brand of Service

 – “Pinoy, Ano Ka Na Ba?” Filipinos in the Context of Nationhood

 – “Pinoy, Ano and Tingin ng Mundo Sa Iyo?” The View of Filipinos from the Outside Looking In

 – SPECIAL PROGRAM: TOURISM TOWN HALL MEETING – “Serbisyong Pinoy: Totoo o Hindi”



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