The Story of Amici

When people think of Amici, many are transported back to the nostalgic times when it first stared out as a cafeteria in Don Bosco Makati. Amici was founded by Fr. Gianluigi Colombo, a Salesian Italian priest in-charge of overseeing the operations of the Don Bosco Makati Printing Press.

He was given permission by Don Bosco management to setup a turo-turo cafeteria to support its employees.  Fr. Colombo initially wanted to address the issue of employees having to leave the premises during lunch breaks.  There, Fr. Colombo introduced Italian coffee and gelato, wood-fired baked pizza and homemade pasta, especially for the employees.

By June 2001, Amici Di Don Bosco (Friends of Don Bosco) was legally established as a business entity in order to likewise serve the needs of the students studying in Don Bosco.

Soon, it became neither the requirements of the printing press nor students of Don Bosco that occupied most of the time of Amici Di Don Bosco employees.  News of great Italian cuisine served turo-turo style spread like wildfire attracting patrons from all over the metro.  From its humble beginnings, the printing press turo-turo easily became known for authentic Italian pizza, pasta and gelato.

Interestingly, the good Italian food was not the only draw.  Customers experienced a certain warmth and charm, where the staff treated every customer with special attention.  People from all walks of life, expatriates and celebrities, white and blue collar workers, housewives and socialites, flocked to Makati to experience Amici Di Don Bosco.  Every day, from 11am to 2pm, this “hole-in-the-wall” along Pasay Road would be packed with patrons waiting to be seated!  It seems that the novelty of the paradoxical situation became an attraction, Italian cuisine in a turo-turo setting, warm and excellent service by people who had no formal culinary training like former carpenters, printing press laborers and priests.  Everyone was willing to share tables and eat using the same mismatched utensils. They all appreciated the same good food and enjoyed the same low-key ambiance brought about by good friends and family at the table!

This was the “magic” of Amici Di Don Bosco then, and this is the same magic that is shared across all Amici stores today.

Tuloy Foundation and Amici

When Mr. Danny Moran, current President & CEO of Amici Foodservice Ventures, Inc. (AFVI) first touched bases with the Salesian Priests of Don Bosco to explore opportunities in early 2007, what should have been a regular business meeting between strangers quickly became the forging of a warm friendship.  Both  Mr. Moran and Fr Rocky Evangelista, who represented the Salesian Priests during the discussion, were pleasantly surprised to discover their common passion for football and their similar vision of providing opportunities for children born into unfortunate circumstances. It was during these lively discussions that the business negotiations were finalized.  Anchored on these two passions, Amici, the Salesian priests of Don Bosco and Tuloy Foundation continue to maintain a friendship and partnership that goes beyond food and business.

Tuloy Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded by Salesian priest Fr. Rocky Evangelista focused on giving street children hope for a better life.  Their Mission:  To be a Center of Excellence in the reintegration of street children into mainstream society through a comprehensive program of caring, healing and teaching.  Tuloy cares for street children providing them with basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, basic education and vocational skills training; but most important, values and spiritual formation.  It has, since its foundation in 1993, already affected the lives of over 10,000 street children, and is currently serving as many as 600 children.

Amici has partnered with Tuloy Foundation to help give street children that chance to succeed.  By selecting special items from the “Tuloy Speciali” Amici Menu, P10 will go directly to Tuloy Foundation Inc. to help fund a special project of the foundation. Amici also supports the programs of Tuloy as we continue to hire OJTs for our stores, kitchens and engineering group from their culinary and engineering schools. Our employees also visit Tuloy on a quarterly basis to spend time with the kids, play with them and simply have fun.

Amici Today

Amici today has grown to a network of eight restaurants located all over Metro Manila. Fostering the original spirit of sharing which Amici di Don Bosco embodied, we today continue this legacy by providing a casual and comfortable venue where friends and family can share and enjoy authentic Italian dishes at affordable prices.

To learn more about our menu and packages, visit our website:

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Don Bosco Makati: 8184444

Tomas Morato, Quezon City: 3766458

SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City: 6361340

Greenhills, San Juan: 7244804

Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City: 4039373

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City: 6216111

Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill: 5551000

UP Ayala Technohub, Quezon City: 7090999


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