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HAVING their own home is a dream that all Filipino families hold dear—and they all work hard to make that dream a reality. This is why using the best quality construction materials is important. Substandard walls and ceilings will only cause a family’s dreams to crumble after all the hard work they put into building a home.PowerPoint Presentation

THE TIMOG RESIDENCES chose HardieFlex advanced building composite as material for wet area ceilings, false columns, fascia, and façade siding.  HardieFlex advanced building composite is very versatile and adaptable to any type of house or building design.

“In Filipino culture, family always comes first so no Filipino homeowner would ever compromise his or her family’s safety and comfort when it comes to building, repairing, or expanding their home. Uncompromising quality is what James Hardie has been bringing to Filipino families since 1997. We want to help them fulfill their dreams and make their homes last for even the next generation to enjoy,” said Liza Alde, of James Hardie.

Unfortunately, substandard construction materials abound, and some developers, construction firms and homeowners at times get tempted to use them because of the very low price. This is not a good idea however, if one wants a safe, stable, and long-lasting home. Low-quality materials will actually cost homeowners more in expensive repairs when these materials deteriorate. Also, substandard housing materials expose one’s family to risks.

“We know that the Philippines experiences typhoons and floods every year. There are also occasional thankfully, not very strong earthquakes. Then there are termites. These are realities that every homeowner must consider when building a home. Substandard materials will offer lesser protection and increase the risk of costly repairs. To protect against this, James Hardie has developed Ha

rdieFlex advanced building composites for house builders,” said Alde.

Strength and quality

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THE MANDARA used HardieFlex advanced building composite for the construction of its ceilings, internal walls, fascia, and eaves. HardieFlex advanced building composite is durable & is resistant to damage caused by moisture, fire, & termites.

By comparison, plywood is vulnerable to water damage. Frequent rains will eventually weaken and rot plywood until it breaks. In contrast, HardieFlex advanced building composite is resistant to damage caused by moisture. Also, HardieFlex  advanced building composite is much stronger than plywood. Unlike plywood, HardieFlex  advanced building composite is resistant to termites.

Gypsum board also has weaknesses. Gypsum board can deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Furthermore, wood-based products like plywood are combustible. So if an accidental fire starts in the home, these materials can add to the fire. In contrast, HardieFlex advanced building composite is resistant to fire—it is not readily combustible.

In comparison to cement hollow blocks, HardieFlex advanced building composite is more conveniently, quickly, and precisely installed. For one thing, installing HardieFlex advanced building composite requires no curing time—it doesn’t need days or weeks of curing unlike cement hollow blocks.

Another advantage of HardieFlex advanced building composite over cement hollow blocks is that it can be used in the building frame method of construction. Using cement hollow blocks requires plastering over the blocks. This adds to their thickness.

In contrast, a 4-inch wall in the house plan remains 4 inches when using HardieFlex advanced building composite with frame construction. “During these times when space is an issue, where houses and units are becoming smaller, every inch of wall saved means a lot,” Alde added.

HardieFlex advanced building composite is made from water, cement, cellulose fiber, and sand. These materials are combined and engineered through a scientific, state-of-the-art manufacturing process to create an advanced building material that is resistant to damage caused by winds and rain, and termites. More importantly, HardieFlex advanced building composite is resistant to damage caused by fire.

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James Hardie provides on-site product informationService, safety, and health

James Hardie not only offers strong, quality, and long-lasting materials but also other services that assist customers.

“For example, we have a technical support hotline that homeowners and construction companies can call if they need help in installing and using our products, or if they have other inquiries such as product availability,” said Ferdie De Villa, Technical Support Engineer, adding that HardieFlex advanced building composite is designed to be durable yet lightweight and easy to install.

James Haride also has a nationwide distribution network that makes HardieFlex advanced building composite available anywhere in the Philippines, according to Erwin Deem, Sales Manager for James Hardie.

Another benefit of using HardieFlex advanced building composite is that it uses modern materials and technologies. It has no asbestos, which can cause cancer.

Don’t  let your dream home get damaged, go to waste, or deteriorate. The well-being of your family and the realization of your dreams cannot be compromised for the short-term benefits of substandard housing materials.PowerPoint Presentation

Construction companies, home owners, and house builders receive information about HardieFlex advanced building composite through James Hardie’s product information services.

For more information about HardieFlex advanced building composite and other James Hardie products, go to the website or call 1-800-1888-5427 (outside of Metro Manila) or 895-5427 (within Metro Manila).

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  1. greta james says:

    Thank you so much for pointing out that hardieflex helps to reduce wall width and save you valuable space! About a week ago, I was talking to my sister, and she mentioned that she wants to finish off her basement so that she has more useable floor space! I am excited for her to start this project. I will have to tell her about your tips and help her look for James Hardie products that might fit her needs.

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