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RC Cola Share + I believed Tastes Change,  Good Taste Doesn’t.

Memory line nowadays? I remember as a kid my Daddy always brought us something for our sharings and happiness. An ice cold RC Cola was one I liked so much as his ‘pasalubong.” After many years, I am happy to see that RC cola is still readily available where we live in.

Screen shot 2013-07-14 at 12.26.33 AMAnd I am happy whenever I am traveling in many regional places,  RC Cola beat the heat with cool drinks. And however, RC Cola quenched our thirst not only in summer but the whole season year.

RC Cola has the crisp, satisfyingly delicious cola flavor that stands out from competition by the right blend of ingredients suited for the Pinoy’s taste buds.

RC Blogggers Brief_Page_16RC Cola is perfect for any kind of occasion. RC COLA is known locally as one of the cheapest softdrink brand in the country is over a hundred years. This has become a part of  our lifestyle, as  refreshments to fully enjoy our snacks and meals with friends and family.

RC Cola or Royal Crown Cola was developed in Columbus, Georgia way back in 1905 just a couple of decades after the first cola was invented.  It was then known all over America, especially in the south as part of the ‘Working Man’s Lunch’ together with moonpies (graham cracker and marshmallow sandwich).

The RC Cola brand is one with a truly unique heritage. Originally launched in 1905 by pharmacist Claud A. Hatcher of Columbus, Georgia, USA. Consumers first knew it as “Chero-Cola.” In 1934, Chero-Cola was reformulated and re-released as Royal Crown (RC), a brand that is even more admired today. People enjoy RC Cola products in over 60 countries worldwide.

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The RC Cola brand has been marketed through many campaigns. Seeing the advertisements always, RC Cola is felt over a hundred years of great history. As slogan says:

“The season’s best.”

“RC tastes best “.

“Tastes Change.  Good Taste Doesn’t.”

There are many videos but check out this new RC Cola’s one !

RC Cola drinks give the motivation to get us through the day. It’s always refreshing, no matter what temperature. I know many drinks generally safe, and like most things, you should drink them in moderation. RC Cola is satisfying cola drink at an affordable price.

Cheers to that!

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