7 Qualify for P 68.5-Milion Semi-Permanent Airport Terminals Project

 Temporary Structures to Help Decongest Clark, Puerto Princesa, and Tacloban Airports


Manila, Philippines – Pending the construction of major infrastructure improvements to three (3) of the country’s busiest airports in the next few years, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has received a total of eighteen (18) bids for the supply and installation of semi-permanent passenger terminal buildings at the Clark International Airport, the Puerto Princesa Airport, and the Tacloban Airport, respectively.

Of the 18 bids submitted last Monday (8 July 2013), only seven (7) were found to be eligible by the agency’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC).

“While we are pleased with the turnout of interested bidders, a substantial number of them were declared ineligible,” said DOTC spokesperson Migs Sagcal.  “We have repeatedly said that the BAC has no discretion and can only uphold the pass-fail criteria mandated by the Procurement Law.”

Four (4) groups were declared eligible for the P 27-Million Clark International Airport component, namely: Jo Builders, AQA Global Construction, Inc., Jerry R. Santiago Construction, and the Joint Venture of E.M. Cuerpo, Inc. and Ascutia.  Jo Builders submitted the lowest bid of P 19.85-Million.

Meanwhile, only one (1) company was found eligible for the P 22.7-Million Puerto Princesa Airport component.  This is the D.G. Sarmienta group, which submitted a bid in the amount of P 21.6-Million.

As for the P 18.78-Million Tacloban Airport component, two (2) groups were declared eligible: Jo Builders and H.N.R. Construction & Supply.  Jo Builders submitted the lower bid of P 13.67-Million.


Each of the lowest bidders will now undergo detailed evaluation and post-qualification exercises, to determine whether or not they can be awarded their respective projects.

“These semi-permanent structures are interim solutions to make passenger experience at the highly-congested Clark, Puerto Princesa, and Tacloban airports more convenient,” Sagcal explained.  “These will increase the capacity of the airports’ terminal buildings until the long-term infrastructure upgrades are completed.”

According to the bid requirements, the semi-permanent structures will be made of a steel framing system, and pre-insulated roofing and wall panels.  The winning bidders will be required to install various electrical works, including air conditioning units, to ensure passenger convenience.  Despite the stability of these temporary buildings, they will be capable of being fully-dismantled, transferred, and re-used at other airports, as needed.

Once the Notices to Proceed are issued, the eventual winning bidders will have 120 days to complete the Clark component, 150 days for Puerto Princesa, and 90 days for Tacloban.



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