Discover the Fountain of Cadbury Dairy Milk Creamy Chocolate Fountain Opened for One and All

IMG_1575I am a chocolate lover!  Truly, Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates had been a part of my life since my chilhood and up to these days. During almost all ocassions – my birthdays, Christmases, New Years, and especially Valentines, and anniversaries, Cadbury Dairy Milk gives me the super happiness and sweet moments.

Cadbury is the most popular chocolates around the world. It’s the most flavorful, anjoyable chocolate. Having  a moment with Cadbury Dairy Milk, it transform a single moment to moments of joy! 

IMG_1552There is one thing on this planet that almost never fails to put a smile on people’s faces, regardless of age. That which always seems to light up eyes and make any bothers go away. It’s none other than Chocolate, especially Cadbury Dairy Milk. It’s the chocolate that’s smooth, creamy and delicious. As much delight that we get from a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, imagine a whole fountain-ful of it!

You don’t have to imagine any further; you can see it for yourself. Ages ago there was the elusive search for the Fountain of Youth. That may not have panned out yet but the search for the smoothest and creamiest chocolate fountain is over. Cadbury Dairy Milk, in its quest to show you just how smooth and creamy it is presents the Creamy Chocolate Fountain, now yours to experience at SM Megamall. IMG_1542

Moments of Pure Joy with Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Since its creation more than 115 years ago, Cadbury Dairy Milk has always prided itself for its luxurious, smooth, creamy and delicious taste. Did you know that Cadbury Dairy Milk has British origins? Regardless where it came from though, there is no denying the fact that even for Filipinos; the brand has that unique taste that transforms simple moments into those of pure joy. 

PHIL PS WINNING ROUTE 18.8g Experience it for yourself! For only P25.00 SRP, you can discover the smooth and creamy taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk at your local convenience store and grocery. First timer? Try the Milk Chocolate flavor in 30g pack for that affordable first taste that will surely be followed by many others! 

Once you’ve had that first brush with the joy that a bite of Cadbury Dairy Milk can bring, it’s now time to discover more. Try the Fruit and Nut flavor for those in search of a more exotic and smooth taste. Quirky? Try the Roast Almond variant. Or feeling a little bit wild, young and free? Get the newest smooth and creamy Cashew and Cookie flavor. Perfect for banishing the blues, adding a little joy to your life and just about any occasion. Try Chocettes too for bite-size pieces of pure joy.

A Chocolate Fountain of Joy. If you are still craving for the larger than life creaminess of Cadbury Dairy Milk, then head on over to SM Megamall. There, you can see the wondrous and spectacular Creamy Chocolate Fountain by the brand. Open from July 6 to August 5, 2013, you too can experience this one-of-a-kind display. The Creamy Chocolate Fountain is located at the Events Center, Lower Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building A.

IMG_1519“Cadbury Dairy Milk has been around for a long time in the Philippines,” explains Andrei Soriano, Brand Manager. “In fact, it has adapted to Filipino tastes and price preferences and is easily available wherever and whenever you need it, in thousands of stores nationwide. To show everyone just what makes Cadbury Dairy Milk special, we’ve created a large and impressive structure for you. It’s the Creamy Chocolate Fountain that you can experience for yourself to see just how smooth, creamy and delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk is.”

Watch its towering pipes, oozing with ‘chocolate.’ Notice the smooth and creamy way that Cadbury Dairy Milk can flow. Now imagine that in your mouth! Need a little aural simulation? Make the chocolate pipes sing with joy by trying the Fountain for yourself. Not to eat it, but to make sweet music with it.

For only a minimum purchase of a Cadbury Dairy Milk 30g bar at P25.00, you can either be a piano whiz or a genius scientist by playing the Creamy Chocolate Fountain.

Make it sing, make it dance, and more importantly, watch the amazing ‘chocolate’ flow.

IMG_1539Hurry and experience this one-of-a-kind and large-scale display now. After all, it’s not every day you can see a Creamy Chocolate Fountain. But you can enjoy the smooth, creamy and delicious chocolate that inspired it every day. Enjoy Cadbury Dairy Milk and see your simple moments turn into pure joy.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk is a product of Mondelez Philippines.

For more information about the Company and its 50 years in the country, visit

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