New Bottle Recycling Project

AQUABEST, RCFBGC launches new bottle recycling project !

Trash will turn to treasure as Aquabest teams up with the Rotary Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City (RCFBGC) in a bid to aid impoverished Filipinos while encouraging recycling efforts throughout the country.

Recently, the two parties agreed to launch a series of recycling projects set provide manufacturing jobs while showcasing the benefits of recycling. The first of the said initiatives is the Ecobin project which seeks to create of makeshift garbage bins using repurposed bottles regardless of origin. The bins will be deploy at all Aquabest events and stores as well as malls, schools, subdivisions, and other public areas in order to collect more bottles that will be used for the tandem’s upcoming plans to manufacture other utility items like laundry hampers and water filters.

Eco Bin launching

Aquabest the country’s premier water refilling franchise has partnered with the Rotary Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City to launch the Eco-Bin Project a recycling and livelihood program. Launching the project are (LtoR)Rotary Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City First Class President Glen de Guzman, Aquabest Brand Manager Paul Tan, and Rotary International District 3830 First Class Governor Robert F. Kuan. 

In line with the Ecobin project, Aquabest will be supplying the initial tranche of bottles and RCFBGC will be supplying the labor necessary to make the bins by outsourcing work to impoverished communities supported by the latter in Taguig. Paul Tan, the Marketing Manager of Aquabest stated that the project was conceptualized as part of their efforts to be carbon neutral.

“You can’t do away with plastic bottles,” he said. “However, with our plans involving the RCFBGC, starting with the Ecobin project, we can mitigate the impact of our use of plastic bottles.”

Tan stated that each Ecobin will serve as a reminder for everyone about the importance of recycling plastic bottles. He also added that with the help of the Rotary Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City they can further ensure the success of the project while, at the same time, provide livelihood to less fortunate Filipinos.

As the largest water refilling station network in the Philippines (with around 700 stores in the country,) Aquabest considers itself as a leader in the nation’s water industry. Due to this, the company has found it necessary to spearhead various movements not just in its field but also in other areas co-related to it such as sustainability. This has fueled the company to launch several projects in the past such as tree planting activities.

Meanwhile, RCFBGC, which is currently led by First Class President, Glen de Guzman, is known for launching numerous charitable projects in recent years. As part of the Rotary International District 3830, the club is known for upholding the motto “service above self” and the Ecobin project marks the start of the club and private sector cooperation in order to further such ideals.


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