Anya Resorts and Residences: First in luxury, first in assured investment returns

1For many years, no other resort development in the Philippines could truly prove its claim to be world-class—until now. Anya Resorts and Residences is the first truly world-class resort in the Philippines, located just one and a half hours away from Metro Manila, according to luxury resort maven Andrew Sparrow, who is part of the team of international experts responsible for the design and development of Anya.

“Filipino hospitality is world-renowned. Despite this, there is no Philippine chain of hotels that can truly be called a world-class resort.Anya aims to tap resources within the country and create a world-class Filipino resort brand infused with the warmth and hospitality that Filipinos are known for,” said Sparrow.


Anya Resorts and Residences combines a boutique resort sanctuary with luxury residential units. Weekend guests enjoy the resort hideaway facilities while residents are privileged with 24/7 personalized service right in their very own homes, plus unlimited access to resort facilities, amenities, perks, and services.

Anya Resorts and Residences islocated along Buena Vista Hills Road, in  Barangay  Mag-asawang  Ilat, Tagaytay City and approximately a mere 60 kilometers, or about an hour’s drive,  from Manila. It’s just a kilometer away from the Tagaytay National Highway. It is a 5.7 hectare property in a secluded area in Tagaytay and is just an hour’s drive from Metro Manila.

Global vision, tropical ambiance

According to Santi Elizalde, (official designation here) Anya is meant to be the leading wellness resort and hotel brand in the country—and one that will be internationally competitive, placing Tagaytay and the Philippines in the international resort scene. “That’s how big our vision is for Anya,” he said.

To make this vision a reality, an elite team experts has been tapped. They include Sparrow, acclaimed architect Manny Samson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roxaco Land Corporation Pedro Roxas, and renowned chef extraordinaire Carlo Miguel.

According to Sparrow, the overall architecture of the resort is a big factor in helping Anya claim its stake as an international resort development.

“Anya’s architecture puts together the best practices and attributes that we expect from international luxury boutique hotels. This means luxury bathrooms, a tranquility pool, a library concierge and a living room lobby. At the same time, Anya’s design also provides all the comforts of home,” he explained.

Even as Anya adapts international standards for luxurious design, it will still retain a Filipino tropical feel. “The architecture of Anya residences is a modern interpretation of tropical Filipino design. Simple, clean lines will be accentuated by the warmth and familiarity of rustic traditional Filipino elements,” said architect Samson.

Ultimately, Anya provides residents and guests an unmatched opportunity for rest and relaxation, privilege and pampering.


“A sense of privacy and personal space is always there. The usable spaces, indoors and outdoors, are refreshing in their combination of earthy and neutral colors, with discreet touches of bright hues. Browns and linen-whites combine with the natural finishes of wood, bamboo, and abaca. These are in perfect synch with the resort’s verdant and floral landscape. Overall, the atmosphere is tranquil, natural, and genuine,” said Samson.


Resort lifestyle

Anya’s residents and guests enjoy a privileged resort lifestyle with all the luxurious pampering they deserve.

“Anya is being developed as a world-class, self-contained resort that would be one of the very best in the country, and probably the best within one and a half hours of Manila. It’s destined to be the Philippines’ leading spa and wellness getaway. As a boutique spa resort, Anya provides a sanctuary for the senses: it invigorates the soul while relaxing body and mind,” Elizalde explained.

Anya Resort and Residences will be a harmonious blend of spa elements, healthy cuisine, award-winning spa services and wellness activities, and other signature Anya experiences. A stay at Anya is a journey of rejuvenation and wellness experiences meant to soothe and indulge the senses.

Personalized service is at the core of the boutique resort lifestyle provided by Anya. Residential unit owners have their very own personal assistants to cater to their every need. They can have food and beverages delivered to them at anytime, anywhere inside Anya. If they wish, they may also avail of a personalized wellness program that includes detox, holistic treatments, and balanced life coaching.

4Of course a boutique resort lifestyle will not be complete without excellent cuisine. And even better, the food at Anya will be deliciously fresh and healthy.

“The signature restaurant will serve the freshest food straight from the garden to the

table. I call it ‘country, relaxed style of food’—we’ll use the best home-made ingredients like garlic mayonnaise, home-made ham, sourdough, etc.

“The freshness of the ingredients will really make a difference in how the delicious Anya’s food will be. I want to preserve traditional foods, recipes, and cooking methods to bring out the best in all the meals we serve. Definitely, there will be no buffets,” said chef Carlo Miguel.


Best investment

So many people dream of a having their own resort hideaway—and maybe owning a resort themselves. With Anya, this dream can come true in the best way. Its strategic location, affordability, world-class luxury branding and international quality amenities make it a smart investment proposition.

According to Roxas, Anya is a sound investment because its returns come not only in the form of monetary yields but also in terms of experiences that promote total well-being.

“First of all, an investment in Anya allows the investor to earn from Anya’s hotel component through cash on yield earning. We are the only developer in the Philippines that has created a real system that assures return on investment.

“Second, the exclusive, luxury experience at Anya provides guests, residents, and investors with amenities and services that promote health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. These two benefits are enjoyed by investors over the lifetime of the asset,” said Roxas.

A boutique luxury brand like Anya also has a distinct selling proposition that makes it attractive to Filipinos, balikbayans, and foreigners alike: it is a world-class boutique luxury brand inspired by the likes of Como, Six Senses, and GHM—yet at the same time it is differentiated by more affordable accommodations, personalized services, fresh healthy food, and of course, the warmth and hospitality that Filipinos are known for.

“We welcome guests and investors to come over to Anya so they can experience for themselves what a premiere, luxury boutique resort lifestyle is like. We’re sure that once they experience the Anya lifestyle, they won’t be able to imagine living life any other way,” said Roxas.

Anya Resorts and Residences is the pioneer and the leader when it comes to luxury resort living. Discover the Anya lifestyle now. For inquiries about vacation stays or residential units, call (632) 810-8901 to06; fax (632) 750-2169; mobile (632) 917-570-9041; or email

Anya Resort and Residence is developed by Roxaco Land Corporation, the property development arm of Roxas and Company Inc. Roxaco has been a leading and trusted name in real estate since 1988, with projects such as the Fuego Hotel chains and several subdivisions in Batangas and Cavite.


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